Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

This month, you face a choice: Money or passion. Consider using your passion for fueling income-earning possibilities. You can have both if you’re smart about it. Above all, stay committed to your path and recognize when a fleeting passion becomes a distraction. True passion has longevity. 

Financial matters may be on your mind at the beginning of the month. The Full Moon on October 13 highlights any tension between needs and wants. You could feel a tug of desire to invest in yourself, whether that means taking a class or spending resources to develop a side hustle. Try to strike a balance. 

Communication is a prominent theme, especially toward the end of the month as your ruling planet Mercury slows down and stations retrograde on October 31. You could brainstorm new ways to express yourself on social media or in conversation. You also have a way with words. Write, speak, teach, read, and engage your mind in new ways. Follow your curiosity, too, as it could lead you to adventure. The New Moon on October 27 is an ideal time for a road trip, especially one that allows you and your significant other to break away from your daily routines. Set your eyes on a new destination, and you could reimagine your life. 

Your romantic relationships may be undergoing a metamorphosis, as you examine bigger themes of passion and responsibility. You can have it all, romance and stability. The pieces will start to come together between now and January.  

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