Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

At the beginning of the month, you have a keener perspective. You are starting a new solar year and setting intentions in place. Because of that, you can stop self-defeating patterns and start realizing your dreams. It’s time to take charge, accepting responsibility for things that have not worked out according to plan. See the beauty in your path, and trust it is all for a purpose. You could see the unfoldment of that purpose this month.

Several planets occupy your sign at the beginning of the month, helping you look and feel your best. Use that boost of confidence to motivate yourself to take steps forward in your career. You could network to meet new people or take a leap of faith. You have extra courage to do what may otherwise seem impossible. Plus, you have found ways to quiet the inner voices of worry and doubt. Plant seeds, set intentions, and trust in favorable outcomes. 

On September 13, the Full Moon highlights partnerships. You could have a relationship breakthrough and see your current situation more clearly. With Venus and Mars both in your sign, you might open yourself to the possibility of dating. If you are involved, try to release expectations, and you may be pleasantly surprised. On September 21, you could have realizations about yourself, your significant other, and family. Think back to what was happening in January and June. Those themes will repeat themselves and finally conclude. Stay present to anything that comes up for you, and trust. 

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