As Above, So Below... When I look at the stars, I feel connected to everything. The macrocosm and microcosm. The heavens. Particles of air I breathe. The earth beneath my feet. Plants, animals, minerals. People -- I feel connected to those I've met and strangers, too. The feeling of awe and wonder I see when I look at the night sky makes me want to find meaning in it all.


As an astrologer, healer, writer, and speaker, I work with individuals and companies to make the most of upcoming astrological influences. I offer very practical guidance to help you navigate life transitions. I may even give you "homework" to help with a healing process. I help provide an astrological framework within which you can contextualize events happening in your life. I also combine psychic and mediumship gifts with astrology to offer guidance about major life issues, like breakups, financial shifts, career changes, new relationships, health questions, or trying to conceive a child.  I don't predict the future: I help you pre-script your destiny. 



Rachel works with individuals around the world and offers consultations to businesses. She combines astrology with psychic and mediumship skills, is a Reiki Master Teacher, and energy healer. In addition to her practice, Rachel offers classes, workshops, and mentorship opportunities. Find out more about Rachel's services here.

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Whether you’re interested in learning Astrology or Reiki or developing your psychic skills, we have something for you.

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Horoscopes and
Spiritual Insights

Read your monthly horoscope and posts about significant astrological events.

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Listen to one of several guided meditations to help release fear, relieve anxiety, and expand your heart center. 

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