What helps you feel wild and free? Do more of that for a whole mindset shift. The rebel planet, Uranus, returns to your sign for one last hoorah, activating your inner free-spirit. Feeling liberated from limitations starts with a decision to live in the present moment. In doing so, you can accept your life without blaming the past or worrying about the future. Therefore, be present moment-to-moment, and revel in the excitement of living life in this way.

You have started an expansive cycle. It’s a time to widen your perspective about what's possible and adopt an abundant attitude. The new moon on December 6 offers a chance to see new horizons, and you could travel for the holidays.

Professionally, if you have reached a peak, you are ready to look for another goal. Your ambition is on the rise after December 21, but you may feel tension as others in your life request more of you. The full moon on December 22 could shine some light on how to have more balance. By December 31, you will be ready to take a leap of faith in 2019, and Mars enters your sign to boost your courage for taking healthy risks. You will be able to discern where to focus.

Love is as much of an adventure as everything else. For some, that means being brave in popping (or answering) the question. If you are single, you could get serious about swiping right. With positive energy flowing, have fun, and close out 2018 with a bang!

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