Summer Solstice

When we celebrate the Summer Solstice, we celebrate the sun, its light and warmth— its power. It’s the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the point in the year when we have access to the sun’s full energy. It’s a celebration of abundance and also a time to be patient with anything still in progress and growing.

The Solstice is a fertile time, when the Earth shares her bounty. Like our ancestors, we can use this feast as a way to honor and thank the Earth for all she provides.

What seeds have you planted in your life? This is a time of illumination, when the sun has prominence in the sky, and you can see your path more clearly, including opportunities and potential challenges. It also represents a culmination of energy and a climax of sorts in your present storyline. It’s a fertile time in your life, too, and a time for the most creative expression of yourself.

At the Summer Solstice, the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer and marks the beginning of a new season. Cancer is one of four cardinal signs (along with Aries, Libra, and Capricorn), and cardinal signs emphasize initiating action and taking a step forward with intention. For the sign of Cancer, it’s taking action on behalf of whom or what you love, like a mother would do almost anything for her child. It’s this nurturing, compassionate, and protective love that compels our action during this season. No matter what sign under which you’re born, you’ll feel the Cancer vibe this season, and these themes will be prominent for you, too.

Because the North Node is in Cancer, our attention is already focused toward those themes: Family, nurturance, emotional connections, protecting what’s dear, and home. Remember, too, the Earth is home for all of us, and the Summer Solstice is a time to connect and align with the Earth.

Summer Solstice Ritual:

Honor the Four Directions

Start by feeling your feet on the ground and make a strong connection with the earth. Then, feel the top of your head connect with the sky. Visualize light moving into your body from your crown chakra.

Now, turn your body to face the south. Raise your hands up to the sky, and feel the energy of the south, the element of fire. It is animating, passionate, and creativity. It’s the energy of abundance and harvest. You might say something like, “I honor the South, the spirit of fire. Breath of inspiration, I invite you to ignite my heart and share your warmth. I welcome you into this space.” Use your own words, too!

Next, turn your body to face the west. Raise your hands to the sky and feel the energy of the west, the element of the water. It is the energy of emotion, release, letting go, the unconscious, and intuition. “I honor the West, the spirit of water. I invite you to purify my intentions, allowing me to release and let go anything not in alignment with my highest good. I welcome you to share your wisdom as you enter into this space.”

Turn your body to face the north and raise your hands to the sky. Feel the energy of the north, the element of earth. Its energy is grounding, protecting, and nourishing. It’s the direction of strength and stability. You might say something like, “I honor the North, the spirit of earth. I invite you to ground and stabilize my body as I, in turn, ritualize my gratitude for your support. I invite you to receive my blessings and thankfulness as I welcome you into this space.”

Finally, turn your body to the east and raise your hands to the sky. Feel the energy of the the east, the element of air. The spirit of the east inspires ideas and new thoughts. Air is communication. You might say, “I honor the East, the spirit of air. Breath of ideas and inspiration, I invite you to purify my thoughts. Allow me to listen as well as I speak, and help me communicate with all of creation in this ritual. I welcome you into this space.”

Bring in Light and Love

Then, place your hands above your head, palms open to the sky. Picture the sun directly overhead, and bring in the warmth and light it offers. Feel that energy moving through your crown chakra and down through your whole body.

Move your hands down to your heart center, palms facing one another. As you bring light into your body, visualize it filling the space between your hands like a big ball of light. Hold the ball in between your hands, while simultaneously visualizing and feeling light move through your body. Feel it flow from your feet down into the earth, blessing her with gratitude and love.

Bless the Earth

You might say something like, “Mother Earth, you are my home. You source my life with your rich abundance. I celebrate you today, on this Summer Solstice. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the abundance you have shown. May the light and love I offer multiply in this ritual space. May you receive these blessings. Let my light, the light of the sun, and the light of others honoring you today reach the core of you. Let it radiate throughout your body and into the atmosphere.”

Now, move the ball of light down to the earth. Bend down to touch the ground and visualize that light filling the earth. See it surrounding the earth and entire atmosphere. Notice any cloudy spots or dark places, and send more love to dissipate that energy. With your palms to the ground, feel love and light in your heart moving through your arms and down into the earth.

State your Intention

When it feels complete, stand to your feet or sit. Draw your hands to your heart center and center yourself there. Receive love and light into your body. Know that this energy will help you clear away any doubt, fear, or resentment. Purify your heart. At this point, offer any gratitude, intention, or prayer you might have in your heart. Feel this thought or your spoken words being carried by the winds of the four directions, supported by the earth, and blessed by the sky. Stay in that space for a moment or so until you feel a shift. It will feel like a little “click” inside.

Finishing Up

Say, “And so it is.”

Then, stand to your feet, thank the four directions, facing each and offering gratitude. Release the energy and close the circle.

When you’ve finished, spend time outside. Take a walk, arrange flowers into a mandala, make an amulet or some other piece of art commemorating the ritual experience, eat something delicious, light a candle or incense, take a salt bath, or anything else you can do to ground yourself in this new energetic state. You could even light a fire, dance, sing, chant, drum, or celebrate with others.