Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

With Mercury retrograde until December 6, you could feel nostalgic as you decorate for the holidays or make end-of-the-year plans. As a result, your thoughts could turn to family matters or you could reconnect with your personal history. Journeying back in time could send your emotions into overdrive. If so, good! That means you are healing. By making peace with your past, you can start anew in 2019.

The new moon on December 6 introduces a personal breakthrough with implications for your professional life. You are awakening to your potential and accessing your charisma. On December 21, the sun enters your sector of creative expression and helps you come out from the shadows and into the spotlight. Also, this is a highly fertile time, when you have heightened maternal or paternal instincts.

Romance is a highlight, especially with the full moon on December 22. A flirtation could develop into something more, which would be a fun way to close out 2018. If you are in a relationship, take breaks from the busyness of the holiday season to connect with your partner. While managing your task list is important, the pure magic of the season unfolds when you are truly present to experience the love in your life. Look through life with the eyes of a child this month, with awe, wonder, and anticipation. Then, venture into 2019 with that spirit. If you do, worries will be far from your mind, and hope could inspire your imagination.Back to Horoscopes...